Suggested function: Possibility to define several Custom material settings


I am missing the possibility to define, name and store several Custom Material settings in the Material & Support section.
A function similar to the [ Customize ] in the Printing Settings section would be very usable.
This function is usable for anyone using more than one type of filament if the static PLA and ABS settings are not found optimal.
It is also nice if the latest custom value setting was preserved after a program restart.


Also promised in a future update
- still waiting.


Cura supports this, and there is a tutorial about getting it to generate GCode for the Snapmaker3D. I’ve used it a few times, and it seems to print more like the old Snapmaker3D software than the SnapmakerJS software.

While I would also like to see this feature in SnapmakerJS, don’t let the tool hold you back.