Snapmakerjs v2.6.0 Beta Testing


This is the beta version of Snapmakerjs v2.6.0, please check it out and any feedback is appreciated!


  • Added Undo/Redo functions to laser G-code generator.
  • Added machine modal state in machine status widget.
  • In 3D printing G-code generator, we moved down adhesion and support sections to printing configurations; Added configurable line count for skirt, brim, raft adhesions; Added 3 selectable support patterns: Line, Grid, Zigzag.
  • Reworked material configurations, now you can duplicate existing material configurations and make changes on them.
  • Bugfix: fixed the bug that laser is not turning on when resuming from a pause on software.
  • Bugfix: fixed laser Multi-Pass wrong movements after engraving finished.
  • Other minor changes:
    • Added keyboard shortcut (Command+D / Ctrl+D) to duplicate selected 3D model.
    • Added jog speed input in Axes widget.


Windows 64-bit


Linux 64-bit

Bug Reports and Feedback for Snapmakerjs V2.5.X


  • for CNC
    — add option of leveling material like leveling table in 3D print, before move to next position move head up
    — move up head 5mm before run boudary check - some times scratch material and destroy bit,
  • in firmware
    — change begin step of jog move to smalest (0,1mm) step
    — change 0,1mm value to 0,05mm - important for CNC PCB route
    — in jog mode CNC add “brake move” key on display - I destroy some CNC bit after double click move key and hit the table
    — in jog add arrows “up” , “down” to information Z+, Z-



  • CNC leveling: We’ve considered the CNC leveling and was told by our mechanical engineer that we should cut out the surface layer of the mold, instead of leveling.
  • Move up head 5mm before run boundary check: we can do that.
  • For the firmware updates, they are actually lay on the screen firmware, which we currently don’t have plan to upgrade it (while main controller firmware is still under maintenance and we’re focusing on SM 2.0). So…short answers: “Add arrows” no; “change initial step” no; “brake move” no, the power supply of Snapmaker Original won’t allow us to do so (not safe); “change 0.1mm to 0.05mm” no, you can jog 0.05mm in Snapmakerjs.