Modify support settings?


I would like to be able to control support settings. It is extremely difficult to remove some supports without breaking the part. I have another printer, and run those supports at 5 to 9% ,and they are easy to remove. I prefer the snspmaker js 2.5.5 im using for this machine, but any support work i have to do on my other one to get good results. Coukd you address this in a future upgrade.


I’m a little on the fence about this. I think SnapmakerJS is a good starter tool, and I don’t think it should get too many features that might scare off new users. Cura does a good job of hiding a lot of the complexity until the user wants it. But that’s a lot of extra code to maintain and test.

If you have another printer, which Slicer to do you for it? I’m guessing Cura. Regardless, have you tried having it generate your GCode for the Snapmaker? You’ve already said that you like it’s support generation better, and it’s pretty easy to get Cura to generate for Snapmaker.

I know Cura has a wealth of tuning options for the support material that Snapmaker3D and SnapmakerJS just don’t have. I’ve done a few prints using Cura. Just be aware that the calibration requirements between Snapmaker3D, SnapmakerJS, and Cura are all slightly different. It doesn’t matter much if you’re printing using “Fast Print” quality, but it can make a difference on the “High Quality” level of detail.